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October 20, 2017

A Circular Route around Auckland on Cycleways

The development of the cycleways in Auckland has been proceeding at a reasonable pace and for those wishing to ride around the city, there have been a number of cycleways but no way of linking the cycleways so that cyclists are able to do a circular route mostly on cycleways. This situation has changed with the opening of the new Waterview Cycle and walkway.

Starting in the city centre you can cycle ride up the Grafton Gully and join the North Western cycleway and then connect to the Waterview cycleway which follows Te Auaunga (Oakley Creek) between the suburbs of Mt Albert and Waterview. The first section runs between Great North Road at Waterview across the 90-metre-long Alford Street Bridge and into the Unitec campus.

Central City Cycleway Linkage

At the end of the Waterview Cycleway, you can connect to the cycleway that runs alongside the South Western Motorway which finishes near Onehunga.
To complete the circuit back to the city centre ride up the Onehunga Mall and through Cornwall Park. You also have the option of continuing on the cycleway that runs from Onehunga to Penrose before heading back to the city centre. This ride is not completely on cycleways but a high percentage is. Finding your way along this route is not easy and there is a need for improved signage.

Auckland Central Cycleways
North Western Cycleway
Waterview Cycleway
South Western Cycleway

February 09, 2016

Cycleways in the USA

In the United States, there is also a trend to build car- free roads, lanes and bike paths as in Europe.
This link includes examples of car - free roads across the USA.  

The New Zealand cycle trail network provides similar off-road cycling experiences that are providing good opportunities for cyclists of all abilities to see New Zealand on a bike. The cycle trail networks are mostly geared for people to visit on day trips rather than as part of a cycle tour of New Zealand but they can be incorporated into a cycle tour with the proviso that not all of the cycle trails are suitable for touring bikes with full loads.

The great news is that every year significant progress is being made to make New Zealand more cyclist friendly and that this is part of a worldwide trend.

Cyclist Friendly - Bike pump & Repair tools - North Western Cycleway

February 01, 2016

German Cycle Autobahn

Recently the first 5 kilometres of a 100-kilometre cycleway autobahn was completed in Germany. The cycleway will connect ten western cities including Duisburg, Bochum and Hamm.

There are around two million people living in the area and it has been estimated that the cycleway will result in 50,000 fewer cars on the road each day. The completed tracks are four meters (13 feet wide) and will include bridges and overpasses to ensure a safer ride. It is intended that in the long term that the whole country be served by a cycling network. It is envisaged that the autobahn will be used along its whole length for locals to use as a commuter link. The funding for all of the 100 kilometres has yet to be confirmed.

The new cycleways in Auckland compare favourably with developments in Germany with the north western cycleway being of a similar standard as in Germany. As a frequent user of the cycleway during the week I have noted a steady increase in cyclists coming into the city from the west in the morning.This trend will reduce the number of vehicles on the roads as more cyclists ride rather than drive into work. The dramatic increase in the use of electric bikes is also likely to result in a wider range of cyclists using the cycleways.

December 24, 2015

Cycleways Auckland - Progress Report 2015

2015 has shown significant progress in the development of the network of cycleways in the Auckland Region. The Auckland Council and all the other agencies including Auckland Transport and the Government are to be congratulated on their commitment and vision in investing in the network of cycleways in the region
New tunnel under Te Atatu Road - North Western Cycleway - Dec 2015

There is always resistance to change and there have been letters to the Herald that have suggested that the cycleways are an extravagance that we cannot afford and that they are only used by a few cyclists who do not contribute to the cost of the roading network. While the car has been the dominant form of transport in Auckland over the past fifty years it is evident that the cities congestion problems will not be solved by just  building more motorways. The solutions most overseas cities are adopting include improved public transport, cycleways and walkways and traffic bypasses.

The suggestion that only a few people use the cycleways is true at this time mainly because of the public perception  that cycling on roads is unsafe in Auckland. I have been cycling in Auckland for the past twenty years and I feel that riding on the roads is now getting safer as drivers become more aware of cyclists and also because the number of dedicated cycleways has grown. Having ridden in Paris recently, I know that the drivers still have some way to go order for Auckland to be compared with Paris or Amsterdam as a friendly place to cycle in.

My strategy for riding in Auckland has been to use dedicated cycleways where ever possible and never to ride on double lane roads.The number of cyclists as in other cities will increase significantly as the dedicated cycleway network is expanded and linked.
Those who think Auckland is too hilly for cycling probably are unaware of the fantastic electric bikes that are now available.

Cycling in Paris

From my experience the number of people who cycle in along the North western cycleway into the city each day is growing every week as the cycleway gets easier to use and every bike means one less car on the road which is a win for both users. Riding a bike also has other benefits which include improved fitness and enjoyment of Auckland's fantastic city environment. These benefits replace the frustrations of motorway blockages and parking problems.

One parent who sees the potential of the cycleway network recently commented in the Herald.

'My 9 year old son says the pink cycleway is awesome. Tip for school holidays: follow the bike signs from Britomart up Grafton Gully and down Nelson St - all safe dedicated bike lanes. Well done Auckland.'

This sums it up that the investment in the cycleways is an investment in the future. The cost of the cycleways and walkways is not high when compared to the costs for new motorways. The proposal for an Eastern motorway for Auckland has been estimated to cost between 2.8 billion to 3.2 billion dollars.

Projects  2015
North Western Cycleway
There has been significant progress on this cycleway that runs alongside the north western motorway for most of its length and in December, the cycleway underpass under Te Atatu road was opened.

 Nelson Street Cycleway
 This cycleway is an important addition to the cycleway network which will become better used when some of other connections still to be built are completed.

December 03, 2015

Auckland Cycleway - Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street

The new cycleway from Canada Street, which is located off Upper Queen Street and runs down to Nelson Street, was opened today. It is an impressive project because it travels right through the heart of Auckland’s motorway system at its busiest point Spaghetti junction.

The vision of the planners to use the old motorway ramp is impressive as was the length of time it took to build which was only eight months. The cycleway links the Upper Queen Street Area with the waterfront which makes it an important addition to the network of cycleways in Auckland. The bikeway continues down Nelson Street to nearly the bottom. At the top of Queen Street the new cycleway also links up with the Grafton Gully cycleway.

The overall planning and implementation for the Auckland Region network of bikeways is making solid progress and gives cyclists and pedestrians hope and optimism for the future. While motorways usually divide communities cycleways and walkways serve to connect communities.

The next logical extension to the regional cycling network is the cycleway across the Auckland Harbor Bridge.
Those that oppose the cycleway have suggested that their local roads will be overrun by cyclists parking their cars there to use the cycleway. The  more likely scenario is that cyclists using the harbor bridge will cycle through Northcote rather than loading their bike on their car and driving to Northcote in order to cycle across the harbor bridge.

January 06, 2015

Cycleways in Auckland - General

January 2020 - Cycleway Update

As at January 2020, the development of the cycleway network is making significant progress. I did a ride that was mostly on cycleways which covered 80 kilometres. The important point was that I was able to link up the cycleways relatively easily although a degree of local knowledge was required.

Central City Cycleway Network Ride

There are now a significant number of cycleways in Auckland although their existence is not well known by the general public. One of the goals of this blog is to provide cyclists with information on these cycleways.
The existing cycleways are not well integrated and one of the challenges for Auckland Transport is to integrate the existing cycleway network which will not be easy but will occur over time with the main obstacle being a lack of funds for these projects. Currently, cycleways are provided mainly as a result of being included in roading projects.

One of the main obstacles to the increased use of bikes for commuting and recreation is the fear of many would-be cyclists that the Auckland roads are unsafe to ride on. My experience is that you can enjoy riding in Auckland if you use cycleways where ever possible avoid busy times and busy traffic roads. As a general rule I do not ride on roads where there are double lanes for cars. As a cyclist I know Auckland well and use a network of secondary roads that are not well known or used by motorists.

The good news is that there are now a significant number of cycleways in Auckland that cyclists can use instead of riding on the busy roads.
The Penrose to Onehunga cycleway is a good example of a cycleway that is of a reasonable length that can be used for recreational riding.

Penrose to Onehunga Cycleway Link

The Government is about to announce that a disused motorway flyover in central Auckland is to become a cycleway. Cyclists will use the Nelson Street off-ramp made redundant ten years ago in a revamp of the Central Motorway Junction (aka Spaghetti Junction).

The former Nelson Street off ramp will bridge a gap in the growing central city cycle network and could be ready to use mid-year.

The off ramp has been idle for nearly a decade, and cycling advocates have been working with the city and Government transport agencies on how to convert it into a cycleway. It will be interesting to see how it will link up with the other cycleways in the city.

Auckland Cycleway - South Western - Onehunga to Mt Eden

When the South Western motorway was constructed a cycleway was included as part of the project. This cycleway links Onehunga with Sandringham Road extension so links Mt Eden with the airport via Onehunga. The cycleway also incorporates bridges which link the community on the southern side with the separated community on the other side which is important to retain the access of the houses on the southern side of the motorway. This allows children from the southern side to cycle to the schools that are located in Mt Roskill. The cycleway is not continuous and local roads are used on part of the route and going west there is a reasonable climb to negotiate.

Cycleway alongside south western motorway
Wide cycleway
Access across motorway to Mt Roskill
Cycleway goes through local parks

Auckland Cycleway - Westgate to Greenhithe

This cycleway connects the west with the North Shore. It is useful if you ride out from the city on the north western cycleway and wish to travel to the north shore. This can make a good round trip from the city to Davenport and then return to the city on the ferry from Devonport. At the end of the north western cycleway ride up Triangle road and Don Buck Road to Westgate and then head north to Greenhithe. This is a reasonable climb on mostly quiet roads but it is busier as you head down to Devonport.

January 03, 2015

Auckland Cycleway - Mt Wellington Highway to Glenn Innes

This cycleway was opened in 2014 and connects the Mt Wellington Highway with Glen Innes and the Eastern suburbs. The cycleway was built as part of the Panmure roading and rail infrastructure improvements. It is good to see that there are separated lanes for bikes and that bike storage has been provided at the new railway station.

New Cycleway - December 2014

It is encouraging for those wishing to commute by bike that Auckland Transport are incorporating cycleways within their roading projects but in order to be used by cycle commuters the cycleways need to be integrated. In this instance once you get to the Mount Wellington Highway this road is unsafe for cycling because of high traffic speeds and volumes.

Under the new transport centre

October 24, 2014

Auckland Cycleway - Sylvia Park to Penrose

This cycleway runs alongside the southern motorway and is useful because it links Mount Wellington with Penrose and the Penrose to Onehunga cycleway. It is not well known because it is not signposted and is short. The Mount Wellington Highway is too busy to ride on so do not use this but come out of Sylvia Park Shopping Centre and cross with the traffic lights into Aranui Road then turn first left to get to the start of the cycleway. Finding your way to Sylvia Park on quiet local roads is not easy.
Entrance to Cycleway Sylvia Park
Cycleway runs alongside Southern Motorway

October 22, 2014

Auckland Cycleway - North Shore Albany to Takapuna

This cycleway connects Albany to Takapuna and provides a useful link when you are heading from Albany through Milford and Takapuna to Devonport to catch a ferry to downtown Auckland.

From Albany heading east along the Albany Expressway turn right into Bush Road and then left into Rosedale Road and right into Jack Hinton Drive. This leads you to the start of the cycleway which runs through the Unsworth Reserve up to Sunset Road.

This cycleway uses a combination of cycleway and local roads but although it is signposted it is not that easy to naviagate.
Cycleway signage
Cycleway Signage
Under the Road
Heading South
Takapuna Beach

October 18, 2014

Auckland Cycleway - The North Western Cycleway

This is the most often used cycleway by cycling commuters in Auckland. Going north west it can be joined at the top of the Beach Road to Grafton Gulley cycleway in Upper Queen Street. It is a difficult cycleway to navigate  because of the major upgrade to the North Western motorway. The cycleway mostly runs alongside the motorway so its route is subject to constant change. The cycleway also has sections that are on local roads that were well signposted but with the roading upgrade the route has been changed and there are now no signs in some sections of the cycleway which makes navigation very difficult for the first time user.

The cycleway runs alongside the north western motorway heading north west until Te Atatu Road and then local roads and a further cycleway extension until you reach Lincoln Road. The cycleway will be much improved once the road works are completed and the signage can be reestablished.
The good news is that it will remain open over the motorway construction period. The cycleway suffers from its close proximity to the motorway and with the motorway upgrade many trees that used to line the cycleway have been removed.

Care must be exercised when using the cycleway because it is very narrow in places and there are often cyclists coming the other way.

Western Cycleway alongside motorway
At the new Waterview Interchange

December 2014
Narrow on road bridge

New Bridge - January 2015
New Bridge Cycleway - September 2015

New Bridge Cycleway - September 2015
Tunnel under Te Atatu Road - Opened - December 2015
Tunnel goes right under the road.

October 11, 2014

Auckland Cycleway - Penrose to Onehunga

This is one of the first purpose built cycleways in Auckland which goes from Penrose to Onehunga. It is great to ride on a wide cycleway dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians especially if the tide is in.
The cycleway provides a gateway to the popular ride out to the airport through Mangere Bridge. I am sure that most Aucklanders have no idea of the bikeways that are available that they could use without having to cycle on the roads which for many is to daunting.

There are great cafes at Mangere Bridge and also at the airport. The Jamaica Blue Cafe at the airport provides a bike rack and a bike pump and offers all those who arrive on a bike a discount on their regular coffee prices. As well they are friendly and make good coffee. Mangere Bridge township is also a great place to sit in a cafe under the trees.

To gain access to this cycleway from the Penrose end go to the end of Hugo Johnston Drive where there is ample parking if you are coming by car.

Cycleway alongside the Manukau

Mangere Bridge

September 05, 2014

Auckland Cycleway - Grafton Gully to Beach Road

The new Auckland bikeway was opened today.This bikeway connects the north western cycleway through Grafton Gully to Beach Road. The new bikeway is of a high standard which it should be given that it cost $11m and includes bike activated lights. However this expenditure palls into insignificance when compared to the $1.4b for the Waterview motorway extension. At the Beach road end the bikeway has been integrated well with the existing roads which is very encouraging. Those responsible for the implementation of the project should be congratulated for a job well done.
The Cycleway was opened by the Prime Minister John Key who advised those present that he also supports the cycleway across the harbour bridge which is good news if he is re-elected this month.
Beach Road cycleway

Grafton Gully Cycleway


Cycleway entrance at top