January 06, 2015

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Cycleways in Auckland - General

January 2020 - Cycleway Update

As at January 2020, the development of the cycleway network is making significant progress. I did a ride that was mostly on cycleways which covered 80 kilometres. The important point was that I was able to link up the cycleways relatively easily although a degree of local knowledge was required.

Central City Cycleway Network Ride

There are now a significant number of cycleways in Auckland although their existence is not well known by the general public. One of the goals of this blog is to provide cyclists with information on these cycleways.
The existing cycleways are not well integrated and one of the challenges for Auckland Transport is to integrate the existing cycleway network which will not be easy but will occur over time with the main obstacle being a lack of funds for these projects. Currently, cycleways are provided mainly as a result of being included in roading projects.

One of the main obstacles to the increased use of bikes for commuting and recreation is the fear of many would-be cyclists that the Auckland roads are unsafe to ride on. My experience is that you can enjoy riding in Auckland if you use cycleways where ever possible avoid busy times and busy traffic roads. As a general rule I do not ride on roads where there are double lanes for cars. As a cyclist I know Auckland well and use a network of secondary roads that are not well known or used by motorists.

The good news is that there are now a significant number of cycleways in Auckland that cyclists can use instead of riding on the busy roads.
The Penrose to Onehunga cycleway is a good example of a cycleway that is of a reasonable length that can be used for recreational riding.

Penrose to Onehunga Cycleway Link

The Government is about to announce that a disused motorway flyover in central Auckland is to become a cycleway. Cyclists will use the Nelson Street off-ramp made redundant ten years ago in a revamp of the Central Motorway Junction (aka Spaghetti Junction).

The former Nelson Street off ramp will bridge a gap in the growing central city cycle network and could be ready to use mid-year.

The off ramp has been idle for nearly a decade, and cycling advocates have been working with the city and Government transport agencies on how to convert it into a cycleway. It will be interesting to see how it will link up with the other cycleways in the city.


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