September 05, 2014

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Auckland Cycleway - Grafton Gully to Beach Road

The new Auckland bikeway was opened today.This bikeway connects the north western cycleway through Grafton Gully to Beach Road. The new bikeway is of a high standard which it should be given that it cost $11m and includes bike activated lights. However this expenditure palls into insignificance when compared to the $1.4b for the Waterview motorway extension. At the Beach road end the bikeway has been integrated well with the existing roads which is very encouraging. Those responsible for the implementation of the project should be congratulated for a job well done.
The Cycleway was opened by the Prime Minister John Key who advised those present that he also supports the cycleway across the harbour bridge which is good news if he is re-elected this month.
Beach Road cycleway

Grafton Gully Cycleway


Cycleway entrance at top


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