October 18, 2014

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Auckland Cycleway - The North Western Cycleway

This is the most often used cycleway by cycling commuters in Auckland. Going north west it can be joined at the top of the Beach Road to Grafton Gulley cycleway in Upper Queen Street. It is a difficult cycleway to navigate  because of the major upgrade to the North Western motorway. The cycleway mostly runs alongside the motorway so its route is subject to constant change. The cycleway also has sections that are on local roads that were well signposted but with the roading upgrade the route has been changed and there are now no signs in some sections of the cycleway which makes navigation very difficult for the first time user.

The cycleway runs alongside the north western motorway heading north west until Te Atatu Road and then local roads and a further cycleway extension until you reach Lincoln Road. The cycleway will be much improved once the road works are completed and the signage can be reestablished.
The good news is that it will remain open over the motorway construction period. The cycleway suffers from its close proximity to the motorway and with the motorway upgrade many trees that used to line the cycleway have been removed.

Care must be exercised when using the cycleway because it is very narrow in places and there are often cyclists coming the other way.

Western Cycleway alongside motorway
At the new Waterview Interchange

December 2014
Narrow on road bridge

New Bridge - January 2015
New Bridge Cycleway - September 2015

New Bridge Cycleway - September 2015
Tunnel under Te Atatu Road - Opened - December 2015
Tunnel goes right under the road.


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