October 11, 2014

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Auckland Cycleway - Penrose to Onehunga

This is one of the first purpose built cycleways in Auckland which goes from Penrose to Onehunga. It is great to ride on a wide cycleway dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians especially if the tide is in.
The cycleway provides a gateway to the popular ride out to the airport through Mangere Bridge. I am sure that most Aucklanders have no idea of the bikeways that are available that they could use without having to cycle on the roads which for many is to daunting.

There are great cafes at Mangere Bridge and also at the airport. The Jamaica Blue Cafe at the airport provides a bike rack and a bike pump and offers all those who arrive on a bike a discount on their regular coffee prices. As well they are friendly and make good coffee. Mangere Bridge township is also a great place to sit in a cafe under the trees.

To gain access to this cycleway from the Penrose end go to the end of Hugo Johnston Drive where there is ample parking if you are coming by car.

Cycleway alongside the Manukau

Mangere Bridge


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