July 14, 2015

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Cycling around Auckland

Having cycled around Auckland over the past twenty odd years there are not many places in the region where have I have not been to on my bike. 
If you cycle around the city that you live in it is highly likely that you will have seen more than the majority of the citizens who usually drive to where they want to go to and who are often only familiar with the motorway system.

If you are one of these people why not give cycling a try. You need not be dressed in lycra or record your average speed or even your distance but you should take the time to see and experience your city.

These photos were taken on a recent ride on a cold but brilliant fine winters morning on Tamaki Drive.

One of my favourite rides takes me to Mangere Bridge which is a village that is close to the centre of Auckland and has a harbour and a bridge and a great cafes where you can buy a coffee and sit and enjoy the sights and the people of our great cosmopolitan pacific city.

Then you can ride through Cornwall Park after a ride up the hill through the village of Onehunga. Here you can admire the views of the harbour and the magnificent park trees. It has always been a mystery to me why people travel great distances to see the sights but often do not visit the equally scenic views and places that are close to hand.
If you take the time out to visit the many city highlights on your bike you will be well rewarded.
As you can see from this blog there are an increasing number of dedicated bikeways that you can use.

There is a subtle difference in this approach to a cycle ride - it is not the best route that you are looking for but rather the best places to visit. For this reason it does not matter that you may take your bike on the train or ferry to get to your destination. It could be better described as a bike ramble rather than a bike ride.

There are lots of places and highlights in Auckland to see and I will compile a list of my favourite places to visit on my bike in a future posts.

Cornwell Park


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