July 23, 2015

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Auckland Cycling Destination - Muriwai

Muriwai is located on the west coast and, if you are cycling out from the city, you can use the North Western cycleway. This cycleway will become the Auckland super highway for bikes when it is completed in the next couple of years. In the meantime it is difficult for riders to follow because the cycleway keeps changing as the new road works proceed.However it will be well worth the disruption to get the new cycleway which hopefully will be the forerunner of a network that will stretch right across the city.

In order to cycle to Muriwai you need to head to Kumeu and to do this after the end of the cycleway head up Triangle Road and then turn left into Don Buck Road and then along Red Hills Road and you then link up with the main highway just out of Kumeu.

From Kumeu you have a choice of routes to get to Muriwai. The main road to Murawai goes from Waimauku which is 6.5 ks on the main highway heading west out of Kumeu but this is a busy road.

An alternative is to head out of Kumeu and then turn left at Trigg Road and then use the back roads to ride to Muriwai. You will need to consult your map but there is a network of quiet back country roads that includes some shingle surfaces.

Muriwai is a brilliant place to visit to enjoy the wild west coast with the gannet colony and a steep downhill. It has a cafe where you can have a coffee and refuel for the ride up the hill on the way home.

The hill down into Murawai

The wild west coast

Country Roads


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