April 15, 2014

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New Zealand Cycle Touring Route - Horeke to Cape Reinga

This is a cycle ride of 173 kilometres  from Horeke a small settlement on the Hokianga harbour to Cape Reinga which is the northern tip of New Zealand where the Tasman sea and Pacific oceans meet.

 Horeke is a small settlement on the Hokianga harour that has a pub and that is about all. We started in Horeke instead of starting in Auckland to miss out the main highway north which in parts is too busy to be either safe or enjoyable.  We stayed in the Horeke pub which we enjoyed although it is definitely not on the list of places that tourists stay which is part of its attraction.

Cape Reinga

The road from Horeke goes on the state highway up to Kaitaia which is about 62 kilometres away and this includes a major climb up the Mangamukas which is a reasonable challenge. As this is the main highway care has to be taken with the traffic although it was not excessive on  the day we did it.
Hokianga Harbour

The ride from Kaitaia to Cape Reinga is 111 kilometres on the main highway but it is not as busy because there are no  larger towns beyond Kaitaia before you reach the cape. There are small settlements at Houhora and Waitaki landing where there is limited accommodation.

Mangamuka Summit

On the return journey to Horeke you can go an an alternative route which is more interesting and has a lower traffic volume. From Kaitaia ride to Broadwood and then to Kokukohu where there is a pub and a store. From Kaitaia to Kohukohu is 61.3 kilometres. You then catch the ferry to Rawene which is on the other side of the Hokianga Harbour and it is then a 41.1 kilometre journey back to Horeke.





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