September 11, 2015

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Auckland Cycle Touring Destination - Papakura to Bombay and Hunua Return

This ride is a round trip of some 53 kilometers in the countryside to the south of the city. The ride starts at the Papakaura Railway station and heads south to Drury and then up the old Great South Road to Bombay. From Bombay you return to Papakura up the Hunua valley to Hunua and then back to the Papakura railway station.
From the centre of the Auckland you can catch a train out to Papakura. There is provision on the new electric trains for bikes.

The attraction of this ride is that it gets you out into the countryside without having to battle with traffic on your way south.
There are two options at the end to get back to Papakura either via the Hunua Gorge or up John Hill Road which I prefer because it has a hill to climb rather than going down the narrow Hunua Gorge Road.

Route is on quiet country Roads


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