April 07, 2015

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New Zealand Cycle Touring Route - Gisborne to Napier

It is 215 kilometers between Gisborne and Napier on state highway 2 and the distance from Gisborne to Wairoa is 97 kilometers. There is an option of going on a quieter road to Wairoa via Tiniroto (100 kilometers) which is much quieter road and is a scenic ride with a pub located half way along the road. The second option is to go via the Morere Hot Springs which is 98 kilometers. The attraction of taking this route is that at Morere Hot Springs there is a camping ground and hot pools to rejuvenate in after climbing the 507m Wharerata hill. However if you take this option you need to take great care on this stretch of road as it is windy and narrow with little shoulders.

The irony is that the railway between Gisborne and Napier is closed and there have been suggestions that it would make a great rail trail. On the other hand others are advocating that the railway should be reintroduced. Either way cyclists would benefit.

From Wairoa it is 80 kilometers to Lake Tutira including a steep climb over the Taumatataua hill. There is a cafe in Tutira and a Department of Conservation Camp at Lake Tutira. It is then only 38 kilometers from Lake Tutira to Napier.

If you have more time you could visit the Mahia peninsula is an attractive place to visit with its beaches on the Pacific ocean and has camping facilities.


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