March 31, 2015

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Cycle Touring Route - Around Wellington

Usually when visiting Wellington because it is a compact city with lots of hills cyclists tend not to think of it as a place to cycle in. If you are visiting Wellington do some exploring on your bike. Go to Oriental parade and ride around the bays through Evans Bay Parade and then past the airport to Shelley Bay Road. The coastal road goes past Scorching and Worser Bay and then past the airport on Moa Point Road to Lyall Bay.

Then ride past Houghton Bay to Island Bay where there is a cafe the Bach cafe that overlooks the Cook Straight. This can be a wild ride on a windy day but a fantastic ride on a fine day. Then go back to the city on Happy Valley Road to Aro Valley. At this point go uphill into the suburbs of Northland and Wadestown before heading back down into the central business area via Wadestown Road.

This ride is around 50ks and will give you an appreciation of how hilly Wellington is and how different it is from most cities. Although it is hilly a tour on your bike is the best way to see it.

One word of warning is that you need to take care because of the narrowness of the streets and one local rule is that bikes are not permitted in bus lanes so watch out for the buses. There is also the one way street system to contend with. Wellington, New Zealand


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