June 09, 2014

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Cycling in Amsterdam

In New Zealand 77% of people get to work in a car rather than use public transport or cycle to work and as a result there are significant problems of road congestion and air pollution.

One of the solutions that is often touted is greater use of cycles. In Amsterdam 60% of travel in the inner city is by bike but with the large number of bikes on the roads and bikeways congestion has become a problem. There are to many bikes and not enough storage spaces in the city.

This is not going to happen any time soon in Auckland but careful planning is needed as cycling gets more popular to provide more bikeways and bike storage and to encourage the use of bikes for local travel and to also provide better pedestrian walkways that are segregated from the bikeways.

To reduce the reliance on the private motor vehicle we need to provide better public transport and provide improved pedestrian and cycling facilities. 

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  1. Quite a fine blogspot! I'm still exploring the nuances, but I'm impressed and pleased with the time, energy, and experience that created these pages. Thank You, and keep 'em coming!