May 07, 2014

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Food for Cycle Touring

The following is Colin's list of food that he has calculated will meet your daily cycle touring energy requirements.
The food that he recommends is light and so easy to carry and is especially applicable in situations where you cannot buy food on a daily basis.

Daily Menu for Cycle Touring

Muesli (100gm/day = 1 cup)
Dried fruit (100gm/day). A mixture of dried apricots, prunes, peaches, raisins, etc. Chop into small pieces the night before, boil for a few minutes, leave to stand just covered in water overnight.
Milk powder  (30gm/day)

Ryvita crackers (6 per meal, 5 meals per packet).
Spreads: peanut butter, hazelnut spread, jam (allow 15gm/day each), sardines every 2nd day, processed cheese slices

Macaroni (100gm/meal = 1 cup). Pasta cooks quicker than rice.
1 pkt instant soup for flavouring
Protein: salami or tuna (cans or foil packets)
Surprise peas

Muesli bars, chocolate, nuts, tea bags, instant coffee, sugar, condensed milk in a tube, biscuits

All the above will last at least 3 weeks in summer without refrigeration. The total weight of food will be a little under 1kg per day (including packaging). The re-hydrated fruit at breakfast is important to get adequate vitamin C; consider taking additional Vitamin C tablets.

The diet above provides:
Protein 80gm/day
Carbohydrate 340gm/day
Fat 60gm/day
Energy 9,700kJ/day
The protein component is a little lower than it should be, but OK for a few weeks.